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         “ Dustless" Sanding a Hardwood floor.


  After trying out several of the “dustless” systems on the market, I've finally settled on one. So now I'm proud to say I am far cleaner than I used to be. “Far cleaner” you might ask? “But you're using a dustless system – isn't that really dustless?”


  The whole truth is no. At this point in time there is no one hundred percent completely dust free way to sand a floor. It's easy to find a lot of people who will say that they are completely dustless, but the reality is that all machines make dust to some point. That the new vacuum systems work great and are far better than the old bag systems is true. In many cases there is very little dust that escapes into the air or is left on the floor. But still there is some.


  Also a lot depends on the layout of the home or room. Air vents in the floor, toe kicks under cabinets, stairs, extremely dense finish or heavy wax build ups all degrade the systems ability to produce a nearly dust free environment. The bottom line is that they do work. I'd rather use mine that go back to a bag system. But I will not say that I'm completely dust free, and I question anybody who says that they are.


  In my opinion, it takes a bit longer to sand a floor with a “dust less” system due to the hoses, moving more equipment around the room, changing hoses, etc. etc. . But well worth it in the end. So weather you should choose me or some other floor specialist to do your floors, I highly recommend the use of a vacuum containment system. I just have a had time with the usage of the word “dustless”.    

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