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  When cleaning your floors it is best not to use oil soaps i:e: Pine/Orange oil cleaners as it creates a oily buildup. This can create several problems. First with a buildup of dirt and grime.


  Try taking a plastic cup or glass, coat one side with your favorite oil soap, and place it outside for a week. You should be able to easily see which side you treated. The same goes for your floors, These soaps do not penetrate the bottles they come in. They are not going to penetrate the polyurethane on your floors! Rather, it will just sit on top and trap the dirt and grime.



Care & Maintenance : 




  Another problem is that these “cleaners” and the build up that they leave can adversely effect re-coating your floors in the future. This also applies to using wax or products that leave a new coat of cheap finish on your floor. Maybe you've seen some advertisement on T.V. , where it's squirted on the floor then moped off? There's a reason that floors should be buffed between each coat of finish and good quality finishes should be used.


  Most manufacturers of prefinished floors and of polyurethanes require the home owner to use only their cleaning products or void the warranty. That's worth reading twice. These warranties usually only cover replacement of their products, not the labor costs. Do consider this when cleaning your floor. Which brings up the next question that I'm asked. What unapproved cleaners can I use on my floors?


  Myself, I just use plain glass cleaner. Windex works well for me. I have also found the great Value glass cleaner to be a fine non-expensive product. You can mix it to a 50/50 solution or as I often do, use straight, I've found that the all propose types seem to be a bit sticky after they dry. Also many people like the Swiffer type products. They do seem to work well and many of them now have refill tanks on them. As I said above, I would stay away from any that use the word “polish”, but these are just my opinions. I am not saying that you should use these cleaners and void warranties. Rather, if you do not have one to be concerned about, or want to / have to use another product, I have not yet heard or seen bad results with these types of cleaners. Again, my opinion.


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