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Grades of Wood

Types of Grades:
The appearance of the wood determines its grade. All grades are equally strong and serviceable, but each affords you a different look.


Select wood is a flooring product with natural heartwood/sapwood color variations that also includes knots, streaks, etc.

Common wood (No. 1 and No. 2) has more natural characteristics such as knots and color variations than either clear or select grades, and often is chosen because of these natural features and the character they bring to a room.

No. 1 Common
has a varied appearance,
light and dark colors, knots, streaks and wormholes.

No. 2 Common
is rustic in appearance and emphasizes all wood characteristics of the species.


First grade wood
has a uniform appearance, natural color variations and limited character marks. It is similar to a select grade.

Second grade wood
is varied in appearance and features knots and some variation in color. It is similar to a No. 1 Common grade.

Third grade wood
is rustic in appearance allowing all wood characteristics of the species. It is similar to a No. 2 Common grade.

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